Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Google released Beta version of Chrome for Linux

Google is out with its 'Beta' build of its browser for Linux , in just couple of weeks after the unstable build was made live for public.

The Beta version of the browser like its Windows build is fast, secure, stable, simple, extensible, and embraces open standards like HTML5. All of the user who have installed the unstable version will have to un-install the older unstable version and then install the new 'BETA' version available under the Linux repository from Google as mentioned in the earlier post.
The process of installation is just the same, with minor changes.
1. Search for the available packages for Google Chrome

[root@mybox ~]# yum search chrome
Look in the search results for packages by name 'google-chrome', packages similar to following will be listed.
google-chrome-beta.i386 : Google Chrome
google-chrome-unstable.i386 : Google Chrome
3. Check if the unstable version is installed.
[root@mybox ~]# yum list installed |grep google-chrome
If a row mentioning the installation of the unstable version is there then we need to remove that.
4. In order to remove the Unstable version, just need to fire the command.
[root@mybox ~]# yum erase google-chrome-unstable
5. Once the unstable version have been un-installed. Then the beta can be installed following steps.
[root@mybox ~]# yum -y install google-chrome-beta
6. It can be run in the similar way.

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