Monday, December 21, 2009

Startup error with Thunderbird 3.0

Updated to Thunderbird 3.0 released a month back from its beta version with lightning installed but was greeted with a 2 error messages. On starting the client.

Error dialog:
An error was encountered preparing the calendar located at
moz-profile-calendar:// for use. It will not be available.

The issue was locked under bugzilla at redhat, to be a schema issue with the database used for the calender which was to be updated.

So finally followed the steps and the issue was solved, and the calender was back in action.
1. Closed Thunderbird.
2. Switched to the profile directory of thunderbird.

# /home/sawrub/.thunderbird/*********.default
3. Located the directory holding the calender data.
ll calendar-data/
4. There was the local.sqlite file which actually is a SQLite database.
5. Enter the sqlite console, by executing the command an dwas greeted with the corresponding prompt as.
[sawrub@mybox calendar-data]$ sqlite3 local.sqlite
SQLite version 3.6.12
Enter ".help" for instructions
Enter SQL statements terminated with a ";"
6. Updated the database.
sqlite> ALTER TABLE cal_relations ADD recurrence_id INTEGER;
sqlite> ALTER TABLE cal_relations ADD recurrence_id_tz TEXT;
sqlite> ALTER TABLE cal_attachments ADD recurrence_id INTEGER;
sqlite> ALTER TABLE cal_attachments ADD recurrence_id_tz TEXT;
7. Quiting the client.
sqlite> .exit
8 . Restarted the Thunderbird and the issue was gone, as no error pop-ups were seen and the local calender data was also visible.


yk at Mon Jan 04, 11:20:00 AM said...

but after the fix, the One Month Forward and back doesn't work for the day, week and Multiweek tab, only for the Month. What did happen?

SawRub at Thu Jan 14, 08:59:00 AM said...

NO more using the F11, so can't comment on the same but the TB 3.0 on F12 with the plugin is working just fine.

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