Monday, March 8, 2010

Hacked Google Calender addon for Thunderbird

I was trying to get the add-on 'Provider for Google Calendar' to work reading steps from , but was not able to do so since the option for Google Calender setup as shown in was not coming up. So finally after around 2 hrs of fight looking for help at FAQ, IRC, I finally got the hit and hacked the config file of the extension a bit and was able to do it all.

1. Checked the presence of the 'install.rdf' in the /home/sawrub/.thunderbird/xxxxxxxx.default/extensions/ directory that contained the data corresponding to the calender sync like a snip from it read liek "The Original Code is Google Calendar Provider code"

grep -i google \{xx12xx12x1x-5fdc-40c2-873c-223b8a6925cc\}/install.rdf
2. Once the file was there, read through for the dependencies and there the problem was.I was ok with all other things mentioned in the config file except this.

        <!-- Lightning (also Sunbird via extension stub) -->

3. It was found the Lightning version that I have is 1.0b2pre and the add-on was just good enough to support Lightning to version 1.0b1 as said in '1.0b1' so i just thought of playing around.I edited the line to '1.0b3' saved the file and restarted the Thunderbird. I hope you understand why i did it to 1.0b3.

4. Followed the steps mention in the blog, and now the option for the Google Calender was with me, rest was a child's play.

Hope this helps some one. Cheers to the open source.