Saturday, December 5, 2009

Today was the ....

Here is the latest a fully off topic thing....My farewell mail sent to the people i worked/ interacted at XXXXXX India


From: Saurabh Sharma
Subject: Today was the ....
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 2009 15:30:38 +0530

Hi All,

By god's grace, your well wishes and efforts from my side, finally the day has come when I can subject a mail like this, and be in a situation to bid you all a special bye. And this is how I'll like to orate out the whole thing.

- Today was the last morning when I had to get up early at 5:30 AM get ready and then run past the stray dogs barking at me for disturbing them at that hour, and also fearing a call from office that the cab has left from the pick-up point, though i had been a victim of the same a couple of times.

- Today was the last morning when I was supposed to log-in to my Linux box and do some maths for getting the sum up at 8+ Hrs for the activities done yesterday and then stamp the same under effortUpdate.jsp, a bit of which used to be fake.

- Today was the last morning, heading towards the coffee dispenser, with a fear of finding a Cockroach floating happily. Though by luck got none, compared to what I saw in other cups.

- Today was the last morning when I waited impatiently for Rattan to come in, and inquire about the Lunch menu and then wait for the clock to click 1 o'clock.

- Today was the last afternoon when I would have heard a word coming in from the next cubical "Every one does some MAGIC" by Mr MA**J. The most motivational line of my life :-).

- Today was the last afternoon when I would have heard from my colleague of a girl's visit to the floor, and then seeing the trail of fellow men moving towards the reception one after the other peeping in the waiting room.

- Today was the last afternoon when I had the chance to rush out at the reception after having lunch to find my turn at the Carrom, making my way through the people always present there like Mr. SU**L,Mr. PU**T,Mr.TR***K,Mr. TA**N,Mr. AR***D,Mr. GA***V.

- Today was the last afternoon when the wait for the long awaited 'Company Party' finally ended up in vain, dreaming the same enjoyment that we used to have.

- Today was the last day of receiving the 'Click Drop Alarm' from M1, and getting the whole NOC/QA/Dev people down to work fearing a bug in their rolled out CC.

- Today was the last day when leaving office at 4:30 PM [Non - DST] even after spending out extra half an hour of the shift timing, was like going back home on half day. With words like 'Aaj Jaldi' [early today] coming from friends.

- Today was the last day I could have got a mail from my manager for enjoying a Pizza Party late night, just for the sake of meeting the deadline.

- Today is the last day of mine at the 2nd Boys Hostel apart from the one in my college. With both being quite memorable in different respects.

From the very day I joined XXXXXX I came to know that this is the place where i had to be in order to face the technical world ahead. I entered this world of  web and comparison shopping as a child.Working here along with Mr M*****j B*****a and Mr R*******h G*****a was really a great experience, which helped me in carving my path. The challenging, competitive and dynamic environment that we worked in really helped me in knowing the hidden potentials and hence helped in proving myself and getting to the place where I'm.

Working over here at XXXXXX with such great minds specially the people in SEM group, instil a feeling of pride. Getting the opportunity to work with such experts at
this very early stage of my life clearly helped me gain a lot.

I wish you all a very best of luck.

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# Freenode : sawrub
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Oops I missed the Subject :  Today was the last day at XXXXXX.

Saurabh Sharma
Open your doors.......It's time to look beyond Windows



dksingh at Tue Dec 08, 08:26:00 AM said...

Hey dude what is 6 X's. :)

I am dead sure that all of us from Nextag is missing you. You were the best QA resource I new.

My best wishes to your new step in professional empire.

SawRub at Tue Dec 08, 10:01:00 AM said...

6 X's....Ur not that dumbo....if ur then please try to co-relate to words ;-)

SawRub at Thu Mar 22, 06:37:00 AM said...

Sir didn't thought of naming the org

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