Saturday, February 28, 2009

Changing Panel Color Scheme

After a lot of fight to locate the a simple hack to change the panel colour scheme,instead of installing another application for this, finally got the answer as a '.gtkrc-2.0' file with colour definitions for panel.

All needed is to create a simple file with name as .gtkrc-2.0, the definition fg[NORMAL] = "#ffffff" defines the foreground colour [Font Colour] to be white [#ffffff].This value can be set to any value per your needs.A list of hex values for different colours are available at

Steps to create this file, and change the colour . Per this example font colour will be changed.

1. Go to your home directory,using the terminal. [ cd ~ ]
2. vi .gtkrc-2.0
3. Go to the Insert mode of vi editor by pressing in INSERT key,
4. -- INSERT --,should appear at the bottom left corner of the terminal screen.
5. Copy the mentioned contents and paste in the file.
6. Press Esc. key followed by [:wq] to save the changes made to the file.
7. Type in following lines at prompt,this will reload the settings done to panel UI.
8. killall gnome-panel
9. Once done,you are now having your new colour scheme.

Contents of file [.gtkrc-2.0] :
style "panel"
fg[NORMAL] = "#ffffff"
# fg[PRELIGHT] = "#000000″
# fg[ACTIVE] = "#ffffff”
# fg[SELECTED] = "#000000″
# fg[INSENSITIVE] = "#8A857C”
# bg[NORMAL] = "#000000″
# bg[PRELIGHT] = "#dfdfdf”
# bg[ACTIVE] = "#D0D0D0″
# bg[SELECTED] = "#D8BB75″
# base[NORMAL] = "#ffffff”
# base[PRELIGHT] = "#EFEFEF”
# base[ACTIVE] = "#D0D0D0″
# base[SELECTED] = "#DAB566″
# base[INSENSITIVE] = "#E8E8E8″
# text[NORMAL] = "#161616″
# text[PRELIGHT] = "#000000″
# text[ACTIVE] = "#000000″
# text[SELECTED] = "#ffffff”
# text[INSENSITIVE] = "#8A857C”
widget "*PanelWidget*" style "panel"
widget "*PanelApplet*" style "panel"
class "*Panel*" style "panel"
widget_class "*Mail*" style "panel"
class "*notif*” style "panel"
class "*Notif*” style "panel"
class "*Tray*” style "panel"
class "*tray*” style "panel"

VLC Segmentation Fault

A yet another day for me after updating on my FC9 over the night and finding VLC media player to have stopped its daily task of playing tracks for me.
The UI just stopped showing up,it used to come up for a flash and then go off.So what now the digging starts off along with Googling side by side.
A bit later running 'vlc' at shell gave me the cause of the problem.There was a 'Segmentation fault' coming up.

A lot Googling finally landed me to #videolan IRC chat at over here i finally got my problem resolved.

Though the guy over there who helped out did not mentioned the error cause in particular,but from the chat it seems to be due to the skin2 interface that I was using.

I was asked to :

1. delete '~/.config/vlc/*' as a normal user. [rm -rf ~/.config/vlc/*]
2. Re- run 'vlc' at prompt
3. A pop up saying of 'privacy and network warning' came up which was normal per him.So acknowledged it with default settings.
4. The VLC was there in a second as new as ever.

Hoping that this helps you out if you face a similar problem with VLC.