Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chrome @ Fedora

Installing Chromium on Fedora isn't really all that much harder than it is on a Debian-based system. But with Fedora you have a couple of different options. You can either install from command line or you can install using the yum package management too. The benefit of installing via yum is that you will be able to update Either way the installation is simple.

Let's take a look at the Yum.

You have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open your vi editor and enter the gain 'root' access.
  2. Create the '/etc/yum.repos.d/chromium.repo' file.
  3. Add the following contents to the file:
    name=Chromium Test Packages

  4. Save the file.
  5. Update the yum database using : 'yum update'
  6. Finally fire the install : 'yum install chromium -y'
Doing this all will install Chromium on your fedora 11 system.Which can be accessed from under Applications -> Internet -> Chromium Web Browser

The steps can also be used to install chromium on Fedora 10 ,with just a small change in the '/etc/yum.repos.d/chromium.repo' file ,the baseurl should be replaced with
Source :


MasterChes at Thu Aug 20, 03:47:00 AM said...


thanks for this HowTo; do you know if this repo is built on the official chrome developpment files for linux ?


SawRub at Sat Aug 22, 10:15:00 AM said...

Seems like it's as the specs file [] speaks of the same source as picked up by google.
snip -->
Chromium is the open-source project behind Google Chrome

Though not very sure of this,so have mailed the chromium dev for this,will let you know ASAP i got to know that.

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