Thursday, August 5, 2010

Btrfs - System Rollback comes to Fedora

Btrfs helps in creating lightweight filesystem snapshots that can be mounted (and booted into) selectively. The created snapshots are copy-on-write snapshots, hence there is no file duplication overhead involved for files that do not change between snapshots.
A "rollback" to an older snapshot is non destructive for other snapshots. If user switches to an earlier snapshot, the later snapshots will still be available afterwards.

Btffs will allow users to :
1. Automatically create new disk snapshots before each yum transaction.
2. Change which snapshot will be next booted into, if neded.
3. Manually create a new snapshot, if needed.

For carrying out any of the above mentioned tasks under Btrfs user need to have Root user privileges.

PS : Btrfs is a File system type, so if you desire for a partition to be Btrfs strong you need to format the partition with FS type set to Btrfs.


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